Lawn Application Services in Cameron

Lawns Unlimited in Cameron provides lawn application services for homes and businesses in the area.

Seasonal Lawn Care Applications
(Applied by State Certified Applicators)

In the spring and summer, we offer seasonal lawn care applications, which include fertilizer, growth boosting nutrients, and disease treatments if needed. We customize our treatments for the needs of your lawn to remedy bare spots, discoloration, and uneven growth.


Grub Control

Grubs are worms, beetles, and other insects that burrow into grass. While this is their natural habitat, an over population can affect the appearance of your lawn and become a nuisance while walking on your grass. Our experienced lawn care experts control grubs with deterrents and pesticides if needed to prevent them from taking over your lawn.

hyro seeding machine


Lawns Unlimited also offers hydroseeding, which includes planting grass seed to fill in sparse areas of your lawn. It is used for erosion control, especially on construction sites, and administered with a slurry of seed and mulch. This technique is an alternative to sowing dry seed and will work faster than other planting techniques.

laying grass

Sod Installations

In addition to planting grass seed, we also offer sod installations as an attractive, easy alternative. Sod can be made with natural or synthetic plant material and comes in rolls of various lengths and widths. Transform your yard from under construction to complete or create easy-to-maintain landscaped areas. Our landscapers will unroll and secure the sod, often completing the job in one day.



For developing properties or sections of your lawn that need areas of grass filled in, we provide seeding services to complete your lawn. We offer various types of grass including Kentucky Bluegrass, bent grass, rye grass, fine fescue, and more. Lawns Unlimited knows the best types of grass for our climate here in Missouri and will go over all the options with you to create the lawn you’ve always wanted.

weed trimmer

Weed & Insect Control

We also provide weed and insect control for your grass, shrubs, garden, and trees. We’ll pull out existing weeds by the root, spray for insects that are invading your plants, and apply pesticides and weed control substances to keep them from coming back.

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