Landscaping Design & Maintenance Services in Cameron

Lawns Unlimited in Cameron offers several landscaping design and maintenance services.

Lawn Maintenance


We offer maintenance services, including tree trimming. We will remove overgrown branches, trim off sections to shape the tree, removed dead or diseased sections, and more. Lawns Unlimited also provides fertilization for trees, grass, and plants to ensure they grow properly.

Retaining walls

Retaining Walls

Our landscaping team also builds and repairs retaining walls of any height and design. This includes short retaining walls for your flower beds, six foot walls at the edge of a subdivision, or property line walls of any size to prevent soil erosion. We can create natural cut stone or symmetrical brick designs, with options such as slate, rounded cement blocks, pavestones, geo-grid blocks, and more. We will work with you to customize your retaining wall to meet your specifications.

Landscape curbing

Landscape Curbing

Lawns Unlimited also offers landscape curbing for residential and commercial properties. This technique creates a landscape border around gardens, flowerbeds, cobblestone paths, gravel areas, and more. Curbing can be created with brick, vinyl, or concrete and design options include smooth edges, beveled surfaces, one solid piece or several bricks, and any color you can think of with natural or synthetic materials.

LED landscape lighting

LED Landscape Lighting

Enjoy your garden, patio, or any area of your yard at night with LED landscape lighting. Lighting also makes it easier to pull into your driveway and unlock your door at night. Lawns Unlimited can install any type of lighting, including spotlights, rows of lights along your driveway, colored light fixtures, porch lights, and more. They can all be programmed with a timer to turn on with motion and at dusk.



Our experienced landscapers also install pergolas for residential and commercial properties. Pergolas can be made with wood or vinyl, adding sophistication and shade to your patio. There are arched and flattop designs which can be attached to your roof or freestanding. Choose from a natural wood color or deep tan wood stain finish.


Pavers & Patios

Our Cameron area landscapers also install pavers in your garden or to create a path anywhere in your yard. If you’ve always wanted a patio, we can install a simple concrete slab or an intricate design created with pavers. We can customize your patio for any area size and will work with you to create a design plan before installation. Whether you’re building a new patio or replacing a worn one, Lawns Unlimited can do the work for your home.

Weed Cutting

Weed & Insect Control

Few things hinder your garden or clean cut landscape design more than weeds and insects. Lawns Unlimited offers weed and insect control to keep your plants, flowers, grass, and trees healthy and flourishing. This includes weed removal and use of pesticides to kill existing weeds, prevent their further growth, and deter insects from your plants.

Contact Information


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