Irrigation Services in Cameron

Lawns Unlimited offers all the irrigation services you need for your residential or commercial property.

Irrigation sprinklers


There is more to irrigation systems than a few pipes and faucets. Expert design goes into every property to ensure adequate water flow without excess moisture, prevent flooding, and direct water to where it needs to go. Lawns Unlimited designs each client’s irrigation system specifically for their property. Our landscapers will create a detailed blueprint and go over it with you before we begin installation.



If you don’t have an irrigation system or are completely replacing an outdated system, we install irrigation systems from start to finish, removing old materials as needed. We mark the land that needs to be excavated, install underground pipes, strategically place faucets and sprinklers, and create customized drainage systems. We will run a test of the system before we leave to ensure it works properly and fulfills its purpose for your land.


Backflow Certification

Lawns Unlimited has completed backflow certification to ensure your irrigation system does not backflow contaminated water onto your plants or into your plumbing system. This is specialized training required for all of our landscapers. If you currently have any issues with backflow in your irrigation system, our experienced team can fix the problem and clean up any contamination if needed.

Lawn grass


It’s important to prepare your irrigation system for winter when it will not be in use. Standing water in the pipes or faucets can freeze and cause a blockage and cracking in the system, which results in permanent damage. Before winter starts, we will winterize your irrigation system by draining our all the water, cleaning all parts, and covering areas as needed to insulate them from the cold. When you’re ready to use the system again in spring, all you have to do is turn it on.

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