Welcome to LAWNS UnLIMITED & COUNTRY HILLS GREENHOUSE Inc., the official web site for information, services and our commitment to provide quality results to our clients. LAWNS UnLIMITED Inc. was established in 1982 with one main focus in mind, to provide quality service at a reasonable price. We work in residential and commercial needs, large or small, our focus has never changed. Our client list range in location from Albany, Bethany, Cameron, Chillicothe, Gallatin, Hamilton, Kansas City, King City, Lake Viking, Lathrop, Liberty, Maryville, Plattsburg, Polo, Saint Joseph, and Savannah.

Our services include Landscape Design and Installation, TORO Irrigation design and Installation, Decorative Landscape Curbing (Designed and produced on-site), Hydro-seeding, Low Voltage Landscape Lighting and others you will see with in this web-page.

COUNTRY HILLS GREENHOUSE is a production and retail store. The greenhouse is a computer assisted facility with full concrete access for your convenience. Our services include annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees. We create containers specifically for your needs or can design an arrangement for your personal container. We have a great staff there to meet your needs, answer your questions and provide you with the best of service. Our motto is “COUNTRY HILLS GREENHOUSE: Where people and plants come together.”

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Zack Workman

Country Hills Greenhouse officially opens April 4th!

MON-FRI: 9 am ~ 5 pm / SAT: 9 am ~ 4 pm

COUNTRY HILLS GREENHOUSE was established in 2003 as a production/retail facility. Our original 6,000 sq ft. facility is concrete assessable with a computer control atmosphere to provide regulated air for the production of plants.

In 2004 COUNTRY HILLS GREENHOUSE expanded another 3,000 sq ft to what is now the production house for new plantings, potting, and arrangements. It further serves as our VEGETABLE house during the early month of the production season.

A retail/check out facility was added in 2006 that provides for a real COUNTRY HILLS flavor for clients to enjoy as they enter or leave the facility. The antiques that adorn the facility bring us back to a time of our past for a moment of reflection.

In the spring of 2009, we expanded into our third greenhouse for production and sales. An additional 3,000 sq ft brings our total production/retail center to 12,000 sq ft. This house is used for Perennials, shrubs and small trees. This facility is comforted by the design to allow for outstanding ventilation and comfort for both the plants and the clients.

What can you expect and what do we provide at COUNTRY HILLS GREENHOUSE?
1. Quality Service at all time
2. Highest Standards for plant production and maintenance
3. Friendly Atmosphere
4. Knowledgeable Employees, always with a smile on their face
5. We carry all purchases to your car for your convenience.
6. We can create designs for new container or fulfill your dreams in your existing container.
7. We will design, plant and maintain your containers until Mother’s Day or as needed.

LOOK FOR THE TALL BLUE GUY AT THE ENTRANCE – Located just south of LAWNS UnLIMITED, Inc. on Highway 69 South of Cameron City Limits.
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11447 NW Highway 69
Cameron, MO 64429
Phone: 816.632.6004